Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Secret Santa

  Another card I made using the Prima Sweet Peppermint collection. 

  The candy cane candies are stickers from Michael's that I got last year. Sadly, they don't have them this year. I'm not a sticker kinda gal, but I do like these. The one on the bottom right has cellophane wrapped around it, just like a candy!

  This was for our Secret Santa at work today. I pulled Jen's name and along with this card I got her a mug with a tea infuser.

  I sure got my money's worth from this collection! I think I made 10 or 12 cards, using the paper and images from this set. Love it! 

  The inside. Sentiment is from the Cornish Heritage Farms - Mona Lisa Moments, Christmas Expressions set.

The back.

  Crazy weather we are having! Flurries, rain, freezing cold, mild. Who knows what to wear anymore!?

  Have a great one! Hump day tomorrow!

i made it myself!

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