Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jim's Crop to EndMS...One Card?

  Had a fabulous time Saturday at Jim's Crop to EndMS. 81 crafty ladies! A great time for a great cause. Our friend Melanie has MS and every year for the past 3 years, her husband Jim (they are sitting in front; on left), has a fundraising crop on a Saturday in February, 9am - 9pm. 12 hours of crafty time and socializing with good friends!

  There was a bake sale table, a yard sale table, door prizes, auctions, 50/50, potluck lunch and supper. All proceeds go to the local MS chapter.

Big hugs to all the volunteers, Jim & Mel for a super terrific time. 

  Needless to say I overpacked...
  I had good intentions, but after 12 hours at the crop, I made one.card. Lol! I did spend a lot of time of socializing, as we don't get together very often, so it was a chance to catch up with a lot of ladies!

  More photos from the crop. And of course there was a photo booth!


  Great time with great crafty friends!  Have another crop in March and in April too! Looking forward to seeing my crafty ladies again. 

 Here is the one card I made! Have to do some fine tuning, but it's done. Have a look...
  Just received this G45 collection pack. Nature's Sketchbook. Love it! Used an extra large tag and folded it in half. 

  Close up of the flower. Made with MS Hydrangea punches. New product I purchased recently is Prills. Tried them out at the crop for the first time. Love them! Teeny tiny beads. Great accent for flower centres.

  Inside. Love the colours in this collection.

The back

  I also started a card for my Rolodex. Papers used are from Prima Vintage Emporium.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

My Chaotic Life in Pictures

   First off, I want to say "Why did I wait so long to buy this?!" I love it!  It's Tim Holtz Clip Carousel. I used my 55% off coupon at Michael's Saturday. I'm going to load it up with tags and ATC's. I may have to get a couple more!

  I haven't posted any crafty projects because we are doing some renos. The upstairs spare room (my crafty room), our bedroom and hallway are all getting laminate flooring and a fresh coat of paint.

  I'm finally going to have a proper craft room! In the meantime, all my "stuff" is downstairs in the living room, dining room and hallway. I haven't made anything since before Christmas! Ugh!

  However, this coming weekend I'm going to a day crop. It's a fundraiser to help end MS. It's a yearly event put on by a very dear couple. I am so looking forward to spending time with fabulous friends, and getting crafty!!!

  I'm leaning toward an industrial, vintage, shabby chic look for my craft room! Nothing cute! 

  We are thinking of making the shelves from pipes and pine boards! It could be another month of chaos, but it will be well worth it in the end!   

  Photos of my chaotic life right now. 

My crafty stuff relocated (and there is more stuffed in closets!). We do have a basement, but it's just an old cement basement and no room to store more stuff.

  Craft room after wall-to-wall was ripped up and before the painting began. The floor may look nice, but to bring it back to life, it would've cost quite a bit. So, we decided to go with laminate flooring. 

  You can't really tell by the photos, but there is wallpaper on the walls which was really fun taking off!! Lol! Glad to see the last of that chair rail too!

 Laminate floor installed. 

  We wanted to match the colour of the hardwood floors downstairs which are oak.

  At this point, our bedroom next door, still had wall to wall and had not been painted. When this room was finished, we moved our bedroom in here. 

  We are now prepping our bedroom so the floor guys can come back and lay the laminate floor. Then we can paint and move our bedroom back, so we can work on the shelving in the craft room while it's empty.

  After we removed the wallpaper we found that the walls had been painted a mint green by the previous owners.


  The paint. Silverplate by Sherman-Williams. A really nice grey. Using it on both rooms and the hallway, with white trim. God I hate painting rads! 

 When I first started about 8-10 years ago, this is what the spare room, my craft room, looked like. I had a board that I placed at the end of the bed and crafted on that.

  I could swivel around to use my computer. 

  Then we got rid of the bed. Sorry family and friends who come to visit! There is a really nice motel just down the street! Lol!

  I got rid of that bookcase and other pieces of furniture, which are not in this photo. I have purged quite a bit too in the process. Had to pack up my stuffed friends too. Boo! Will have to find a place for them, at least some of them!

   Hoping to have everything completed by spring!

  Will post photos of my new and 
improved craft room! 
Stay tuned! 

  Thanks for stopping by!
i made it myself!
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