Friday, October 28, 2016

Stella Steampunkin Takes 1st Prize!

 Well this was a blast, and I had no plans on entering this contest at work. I even deleted the email the Social Committee sent. My supervisor, and friend, Karen put my name in, so, I got a pumpkin to decorate!

  No idea why I picked Steampunk. Maybe because I didn't have to buy anything. Everything except the monocle and googly eye, I had in my stash! 

 The Social Committee provided a box of "stuff" if you needed decorations as well as providing the pie pumpkins, which are smaller pumpkins.

 I took the Minions plastic glasses from the box and made a monocle for her right eye, and used some bronze alcohol ink on it. The eye is from the web. A skeleton eye from a medical book which I glued to the inside of the plastic lens.

  Don't want to bore you with details on what was used, but I pretty much winged it! I only had 2 1/2 nights to get 'er done! 

  Show time was today, Friday at 2pm. All pumpkins went on display in the board room. No names, so you didn't know who made them. There were about 18 or so entries. They were all Amazing! So creative!

  Well I'm pleased as punch to say, Stella Steampunkin won 1st Prize: Best Decorated! Woo Hoo! 

 Second prize, Best Use of Materials, went to Karen, my supervisor. She made a gumball machine! So Awesome!

 Here are some more photos of Stella:

 Sad thing is, she will be wasting away. I keep forgetting she is a real pumpkin, not a plastic one.

 Will probably get a plastic pumpkin and transfer her parts. In the meantime, she will be part of our Halloween display. So fun!

 I named her Stella, because it fit with Steampunk, and my aunt's name was Stella. Always liked that name!

Thanks for stopping by!

i made it myself!

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