Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pocket Letters...Say What?

  My monthly Crafty Group usually picks a project for our meets. This month we picked Pocket Letters, as it seems to be the in thing! Sort of the pen pal idea.
  Here is a link to the creator of Pocket Letters and what they're all about: Janette Lane Pocket Letter Guide. Also check out the Pocket Letter Facebook page, where you can see pocket pages from all over the world and get into swaps. Some good videos on YouTube as well.
  This one was sent to a crafty friend, Laurie. I made this using the G45 Secret Garden collection. In the pockets I tucked away buttons, bling, lace, tea, and even birdseed!

  This one I sent to another crafty friend here in NS, Valerie. I made this one using another G45 collection, Couture. In the pockets I tucked away, feathers, bling, washi tape, buttons, ephemera and tea.

  This is the "mail art" Laurie sent with her PL to me. She is a very talented artist! Love Alice!

 The PL Laurie sent to me. I love it! The little kitty top right she drew and is my Abby cat! It's on an magnet so I can put it on the fridge! Also got some tea, washi tape, kitty stamps, stars and bling! Awesome!

  Valerie's PL to me. How vintage is this! I love it! The centre pocket is an embroidered piece from her wedding dress! In the pockets I found some lace, ribbon, bling, fabric, buttons, music paper, tissue sewing paper and more! Beautiful!

 This can be very addicting! I am working on another one. If you haven't tried a Pocket Letter, check it out!

 We got more snow again last night! About 15cm! It's spring, right?! Hopefully that is the end of it! Cross your fingers!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a crafty week!

i made it myself!


MostlyMandy said...

I LOVE these! The pics don't do them justice, there are so many perfect little details in all of them! I'm going to finish mine up this afternoon, and see if I can figure out how to get into a swap lol

Valerie H. Wilson said...

Great pics of everything, Debbie! Out of the pockets is definitely the way to go!! I love that I see something new every time I come back to these pockets! Thank you so much for trading with me! I'm thrilled to bits that your beautiful page is the first page in my PL binder!! I love everything about it!! <3

I'm a Little Teapot said...

Oh, Debbie! This is beyond cool! I love the two you made and the two received are wonderful!

newfiecrafter(Marilyn) said...

Debbie what a wonderful idea and how exciting to find the little surprises in each pocket .

Sherry Jackson said...

Love it! So much to see

weim house said...

So cool! What a great idea! Your pics are wonderful! Thank you for sharing! Hope you have a Happy Easter!

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