Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ATC Swap - Celebrating the Holidays!

  Love getting "snail" mail! I was in an ATC swap on Facebook (my first one!) hosted by Danielle May, Unruly PaperArts, and the theme was "Celebrating the Holidays". Always loved these little pieces of art, and so much fun to create! 
  For those not familiar with what an ATC is (Artist Trading Card), you can read about them HERE.
  We had to make 3 ATC's and we would get 3 back in return; all 3 from different people.
  The sweet little girl in blue is from Joan in South Dakota, the pretty pink one is from Clare in the UK, and the awesome vintage one with the pull out mitten, is from Debbie in Halifax! The beautiful postcard artwork was in the package and is made by Danielle, the host of the swap, who lives in Australia. We had to mail our 3 ATC's to her, and then she would randomly mail each of us 3 back. Great fun! Would love to do it again!
  These are the 3 I made for the swap. I should mention, you could pick Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. I did all 3 for Christmas.

  The snowman has a little tag tucked in the top.
The back of the tiny tag.

  The vintage Santa.

The front of the small tag that's in a pocket on the back.

The back of the small tag.

  This is the back of the ATC. I forgot to take pictures of the backs of the other 2. I used a stamp for all 3 ATC's, which is where you would fill out information about the swap and the ATC and contact info. 
  I made a vellum pocket for the tiny tag so that you could still see this information.
The little birdie ATC.

The front of the little pull out tag.

The back of the little pull out tag.

If you haven't made any, give it a go! So much fun and endless possibilities!

Thanks for stopping by!

i made it myself!

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